Our Goal is to help hurting people by introducing them to Jesus,
the One who saves, delivers and heals all who come to Him.
He is coming soon. Are you ready?
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The Fire of The Holy Ghost is Moving Across The Earth Because Jesus Is Coming !
Where will you be when Jesus comes again? Will you be ready to meet Him?

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TNT Ministries  P.O. Box 477  Hollywood, Al.  35752
Our recent trip to the highways and hedges produced
many good results but we found people in need.
Homeless people are everywhere.
We fed and clothed many who had nothing to eat and
drink. They were hungry and thirsty from all the dry
weather and from being chased out of their so called
'homes' in the bushes. Their tents were burned and
bulldozed down leaving them with an added burden of
finding a place to sleep.
One man, lying on a dirty worn out  mattress, groaned
in pain because his toes were rotting off his feet. He
had gone to a hospital emergency room for help just to
be chased away. He had already lost 2 toes and was in
sever need of medical help.
Please pray for this man and for our nation. It seems
that we have neglected to care for our own.
Compassion for each other is becoming a rare thing in
these times. Many people do not have the love of God
in their hearts.
I am so thankful that Jesus didn't pass by on the other
side when I was in need of a Saviour. He will never
reject you nor turn Him back on you. Reach out to Him
today and He will help you. Reach out to Him today on
behalf of someone in desperate need.
Jesus is Coming Soon to settle up with everyone. Will
you be ready to meet Him?
A big thank you to all of you who have given
to help this worthy cause. Many have given money,
clothes, food, water, etc., to help those who have
Through the blessings of the Lord, TNT
Outreach Thrift Store, in Scottsboro, Alabama, has
been able to help thousands of people who found
themselves in need of help.
There are needs everywhere. Homes burn,
parents get sent to jail and their children are
misplaced because of drugs. They are stripped of
everything they had even their toys, so we are there
when the need for clothing and toys arises.
Revenues from the store go
to buy food for the homeless and necessary things
for life.
If you have a roof over your head and food to
eat, you are blessed. Many thousands in America
sleep on the ground at night with an empty stomach.
Let us all remember to count our blessings
and give thanks for what we do have.
THANKS to the Lord Jesus who loves us and
thanks to the people he uses who care for their
fellowman who is in need.
The Dynamite Power of God can conquer
mountains in your life. The Great God Who created
all things can do anything.
He gives Miracles everyday. You can have them
in your life, too.
What can you believe for? Jesus wants to
save, deliver, and heal all those who will call upon His
He died on a cruel cross and rose again from
the dead, just for you.
Reach out to Him today. Ask, knock, seek and
He will open unto you.

2911 South Broad Street
Scottsboro, Alabama

Thanks to all those who have supported us in each
area of our ministries. Your donations have helped
many, many people.

We rent the biggest truck we can find and set it up
inside like a store so people can come onto it and
shop free of charge.

Watch for us.
TNT Ministries just may come to your town.